September 16, 2016

About Us


A long and strong friendship for over 10 years is how it all started for APM. Going to our mates’ wild “Jam parties” and heading out to many popular venues around Australia. Checking out the best shows, bands and events from all over the world.

We would sit and talk about how cool the show was or rave about the festivals we attended. We would compare our new merchandise and play our new records loud, looking back on our cool experiences as they turned into memories.

We were at a crossroad and after many discussions, records and “icey-waters”on the front verandah we took a chance.

Our experience is a solid mix. Alicia has worked with bands for over 6 years, lending a hand as roadie and selling merchandise at shows. Brett has a merchandise background and skills in management and manufacturing.

The love for music and merchandise became obvious to us and the dream of became a reality. APM was born and now the real work begins.