September 16, 2016

About Us


A long and strong friendship connected over time with back yard jam parties, local gigs, international gigs, festivals and music purchases. It was only a natural progression to start selling band merch and even have a hand in making band merch. This is our way of giving back to the Australian / Adelaide scene by ensuring we give every piece of band merch that little extra attention.

Our idea was to start our own record label but gees’ those vinyl presses ain’t cheap so we began to forge forward with the in between and start band merch printing. Hey, if we win the lotto that record label dream will be born.

Our experience came together to build what we have today. With two parts of APM, Brett Gray (Aka PRINT GURU) knows his stuff with a background in manufacturing, printing and the odd design. Brett has a reputation for his attention to detail, working with artists, bands and businesses to get design print ready and adding innovation to produce the highest quality finished product ready for your market.

Alicia Flowers is the other half of the business coming in with an open music taste from Punk, Rock, Indie and Opera to your “tear jerker” acoustic set at the local pub. Alicia has worked for many artists over the years a a roadie, merch/ sales, door person and  solid music promoter at the bar.Alicia has  background in business management and marketing. Working with artists, bands, promoters and businesses to plan, print and promote according to the timelines. Being a people person, there is no band or artist she won’t give go.

Our goal is to stay competitive, giving the best options for your music, art, event and organisation. APM are always looking for opportunities to grow and be more sustainable into the future.


Coming soon.